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Info & What to Bring:

  All bait, tackle, licenses, and fish cleaning are included. Children 9 yrs old and younger are required by law to wear a life vest, which we have several sizes and types to comfortably fit all. Clean ice and bottles of water are provided as well. It is recommenced to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and any food or drinks that you may want. A clean ice chest and ice is provided to store whatever goodies you may have. Some anglers choose to bring their own tackle, which is fine and we will be happy to rig for however we are fishing that day, although all gear is provided and in top condition. 

  Weather is another factor that we can't control , but we do NOT fish if the conditions are not conducive and will make arrangements accordingly. (I don't wanna go if its not gonna be fun or productive!) One of the main benefits of an inshore trip is the normal calm water conditions, so seasickness has never been an issue but we absolutely will accommodate anyone who may not be feeling well. Usually we are no more than 10-15 minutes from a marina and clean restroom and do not hesitate to speak up when nature calls! 

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